Finally, solving the garage door security nightmare

01 November 2019

The security industry is a tough one. It is plagued with products boasting inaccurate claims of protecting your home.
My biggest nightmare so far is the garage door. I have friends who have simply stopped using a remote control for their garage, as there doesn’t seem to be a truly secure product available on the market.

Most products will tell you how they are secured because they use encryption, or worse, because they use a unique code for your garage! We don’t mean that the manufacturers are deliberately lying to you, they are just ignorant.

What’s wrong with a unique code? Very simple… it can be recorded, and replayed! Surely it is unique, but all a would-be-thief has to do is stand within about 20 meters of your home when you drive in or out to record your unique code, and replay it later.
This is quite worrying depending on what you store in your garage. This gets even worse when many modern houses have a door to access the garage directly from the house and you realize that door doesn’t even have a lock!
Where it gets interesting is when you find nice products to allow you to control your garage door from your phone. That’s handy! Then you buy one and you read how to use it: just hold your remote close to the device, and press a button, the device will then clone your remote signal, and when you will use your phone to open the door, the device will just replay that signal. What’s wrong? Well, regardless of how secure the Bluetooth connection between the device and your phone is, this device will still use the very insecure “code” of your remote.

Now, you will argue that it’s not such a big problem, your regular thieves is not that technically minded and can’t make a device to capture a remote signal. But wait, what else could I do with this great device I just bought? Instead of recording MY remote, I just have to record… yours. And since I’m technically minded, I’ll see about giving it a better antenna, amplifier and filter, so I can record your remote from a proper distance.

So what can we do? As consumer, not much I’m afraid. As Verroo? We’ve decided to tackle that issue and have started working on the new Verroo Smart Garage/Gate Controller. We use all the ingredients of the Verroo Smart Controller and apply them to the garage door flavor. This gives you a highly secure garage door opener, one that cannot be tricked by just replaying a signal. Oh, and of course, you get the convenience of being able to open with your phone. I can’t wait to get our first prototype in my hands! As soon as I get it, you can be sure I’ll disable all the garage door remotes I have!