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The Verroo Smart Padlock is self-powered by 1 x CR2 lithium battery and comes complete with the built-in Verroo Smart bluetooth solution, secured with AES-128 encryption, patented challenge-response protocol and cryptographically encrypted method of distributing and controlling eKeys.

The Innovation

  • Smart, simple and secure. This smart padlock does away with the need to maintain physical keys and provides a convenient way to control access, oversee your assets and resources, and improve access accountability.

Operating Facilities

  • This is a Verroo Smart bluetooth solution and is compatible with all modern iOS and Android smartphones. It is totally “off the grid” and does not use the internet or ‘cloud’ to store any data.
  • It also comprises an advanced self-defence protocol and anti-hacking controls and counter-measure features.
  • Facilities Management
  • The Verroo Smart bluetooth Product Suite does not require any ongoing service or access fees.
  • This solution means no keys can be lost and no unauthorised key duplications can take place.
  • An audit trail is maintained of all access events. This allows management to monitor personnel access.
  • Controlled by the “Verroo” app
  • Uses Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Capacity of up to 1,000 users
  • Retains over 1,000 event rolling audit trail
  • eKey communications are end-to-end encrypted, using military grade AES standards
  • Uses 1 x CR2 lithium battery
  • Battery life expectancy is approximately 1 year or 40,000 open/close cycles
  • Static current is 75µA
  • Working temperature range is -25˚c to +60˚c