Time to do the switch!

19 October 2019

Just a few months ago, an 18 year old has made a talk in the worldwide famous conference “DefCon” about… locks.
He demonstrates how technology is catching up with the locksmith industry, as you can start reproducing restricted profile keys using 3D printers if you own one, or otherwise ordering it online from a 3D printing service.
And if you think your keys are safe because you always have them on you, let me quote him: “in 2008 some students at UC San Diego showed that they were able to copy a key that was photographed from around 200 feet away” (that is roughly 60m).

If you have 20 minutes to spare, watch “m010ch” (Moloch) talk about how he managed to recreate the key for a “Knox box”, and what it means for the locksmith industry, and for people’s security in general.