The Art of Smart Locking

Company with an exceptional heritage

Verroo is a young company with an exceptional heritage. Founded by the managing partners of Australia’s leading specialist locking firm K.J.Ross Security Locks and the production wizards from Marget Engineering. 

Recognising the trend to electronic keys and access management, a new business was formed with the aim of ‘perfecting the art of smart locking’. The name Verroo was derived from the French word for lock, le verrou.

Verroo set out to introduce commercial grade locking solutions to the smart lock space whilst allowing domestic and commercial customers alike to choose their preferred door furniture and keying systems.

Recruiting world class talent in IT security architecture, the business has gone to market with an full ecosystem of smart locks and a patented offline ekey management platform – The Verroo App.

We also aim to partner with all the best of breed ‘cloud controlled’ smart-lock software companies in order to provide customers their choice of enterprise management features.

High level of security and reliability

We also aim to partner with all the best of breed ‘cloud controlled’ smart-lock software companies in order to provide customers their choice of management features.

K.J. Ross Security Locks’ History

Originally a one-man operation, K.J. Ross Security Locks quickly came to outgrow its 1951 backyard beginnings to become Australasia’s most respected name in security products. Supplying customers globally and holding numerous locking patents, Ross Locks uncompromised quality, industry serving features and innovative designs have ensured Ross has remained the first choice for high security protection. View more

K.J. Ross Security Locks - Verroo History


8-Lever Invincible Safe

The first locks made were crafted from sand castings. Many hours of grinding & hand filing were needed to manufacture locks in the early years.

4 Wheel Combination Lock

Only a few combination locks could be made per week. All components were machined from raw materials, and security features such as dial & change key locking required highly skilled workmanship.

101-Series Coverstrap Lock

The first lock to be designed for easy “weld on” installation. Today in Australasia it is the most preferred style of fixing. In recent times this lock has been re-engineered to compete against inferior cheaper imitations, it is now protected by Australian Design Registrations.

600 Series Security Lock

The move from a conventional pivot-style lever to a vertical lift lever protected within a steel housing proved very successful. Innovative design, investment in mass production tools, and world patent protection has enabled this lock to be exported all around the world. 

Electronic Time-Delay Lock

Predominantly used by banks in New-Zealand to protect cash in tellers skimming drawers in the event of an armed holdup.

700 Series Safe Lock

This lock was developed for an overseas market where bank-quality safes required the same footprint as a standard combination lock. It is the only Australian lock to hold prestigious European VdS approval.

Safe-deposit Lock

Innovative production methods and willingness to promote Australian manufactured goods now allow the UK Chubb safe deposit lock to be made in the Knoxfield factory.

201 Cyclinder Lock

Verroo was formed to develop a 201 cylinder to operate a 001 Rim Dead Lock, The innovation was that the electromechanical lock cylinder could release the internal locking knob. The product allowed for key override and the battery was contained in the knob. The product was too complex for manufacture, so was not brought to production however it allowed the team to develop electronic control including battery and motor drive. 

Our first patented battery-operated strike

The development of the first patented battery-operated strike, including the innovation of key lockout which allows a lock owner or manager to override standing eKey access. This product was the evolution of a battery-operated strike built earlier by KJ Ross. 

Smart Controller

Verroo developed the smart controller, in both battery and 12V versions – allowing BLE control of 3V compact strike on entrance sets, and a 12V version that could operate any 12v strike or lock.

Rim Strike

Saw the development of our popular Rim Strike. Designed to work with Rim strike product such as the Lockwood 001, this model was a further showcase of Verroo’s expertise in compacting smart technology into the strike type form-factor. 

Padlock Smart Core

Saw the development of Verroo’s revolutionary Smart Core. The technology allows padlocks to upgraded from key operated to ekey operated in mere seconds. The Padlock Smart Core was developed for the Australian utilities sector which operates across a wide array of environments, many of which are harsh.

Our Locksmiths

Our Locksmiths

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