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Please refer to the FAQ below to solve your problem.


If you are experiencing issues registering your key, reading user list or history, or in general issues with the lock, make sure you are not using any other Bluetooth devices. Disconnect any device you have, ideally power them off and repeat the operation you were trying to perform on your lock.
First of all, never ever delete your app, unless it's the last resort. Deleting your app will cause you to loose all of your keys. If your app crashes at startup, first check the stores for an update. If there is one, install it and try again. If the problem persists, contact our technical support via email or phone.
If you get a message informing you your data got corrupted, do not panick. It means due to an issue, some non-vital information has been lost, but all yours keys are still safe. However, some information about your keys might have been temporary lost. Typically, all your keys will now appear as unrestricted owner keys. You will get back all your information next time you connect to the locks. In the meantime, having an key labelled as "owner" does not actually mean you can now give keys to others. If you have a user key and after being restored it's temporarily labelled as "owner" or "admin", you will be allowed to create new keys, however recipients will never be able to register them. That is because while your phone is not sure whether you're a user, an admin or an owner, the lock still knows and won't accept a key generated by a user.
Your lock can appear out of range for a number of reason.

The first thing to try is to turn off and back on Bluetooth. The method to do so will vary depending on your phone. Look for a Bluetooth icon (), usually it will have a blue background. Tap it once to disable it, wait a few seconds, then tap it again to re-enable it.
On iPhone, this can usually be achieved from Control Center by swiping your finger from the bottom of the screen, but you can refere to this article or watch this video. On Android, this is usually achieved by swiping your finger from the top of the screen, but refere to this article if you need further help.

Once done, if the problem persists, you will have to restart your phone. This is generally achieved by depressing the power button for a second or two and validating on the screen that you want to power off (or restart) the phone.

Once done, if the problem persists, you should replace your lock batteries.
Verroo products officially support iPhones running iOS from version 12 or later and Android phones running Android 5.0.1 or later. Your phone must also support Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth LE, BLE, BT4.1...), but if it runs one of the operating systems mentioned before, it most likely supports does.
First, check that your volume is loud enough to hear the sounds. Careful, this is not the phone ringer volume, but the phone media playback volume that matters. On iOS devices, check that the mute button of you device (if it has one) is not enabled. If the problem persists, in the Verroo app, tap the Menu icon on top left of the lock list, and choose Notification Settings. Check that the switch is turned on and tap the "Done" button on the top right of the screen.
Deleting a lock from your device only deletes it locally, even if you were in range and administrator/owner. Verroo is a secured product, and letting users delete their own key from a lock can lead to a range of security vulnerabilities. For this reason, you cannot do so, and an(other) owner or administrator will always have to delete your key from the lock.
When you already have been using the app, it may happen that after an update, you will see the welcoming screen again. Just choose "Installer mode", or kill the app by swiping it out and restart it.
Not all phones camera are equal, and some phones will have a harder time reading the QR code. If you struggle reading the QR code, you can try with the 2nd QR code. One is located inside your lock (smart controller) or on its back (rim/mortice strike), and the other one in the leaflet that came with the code. The one in the leaflet is the preferred one as it is bigger. Whichever QR code you're using, it can also help to have a uniform background. Try placing the leaflet/lock on a piece of white paper before scanning. It also helps to have the QR code well and uniformly lit.
  • Open your email in your Gmail app.
  • Select the download button next to the image name:
  • Check that when you open your photo/gallery app, then open download folder, you see your “eKey” image here.
  • Once this eKey is in this photo folder, then open Verroo.
  • Tap “+Add” on top right of the lock list, then tap “Setup a Received eKey”.
  • After the “Let’s get started” you will then select the folder (typically the “Download” folder in the section “Device folders”) where your ekey image has been stored.
  • Select image and follow the appropriate procedure to enrol your “eKey”.
If you are experiencing difficulties registering an eKey on your iPhone, please follow this procedure:
  • Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on and that you are attempting to activate your eKey within 24hrs of its creation.
  • Ensure there are no other existing eKey images in your gallery, otherwise, delete them.
  • Get the Owner/Administrator to issue you a new eKey.
  • Select the “eKey” image, then select the Action Button ()
  • Use the “Save Image” option to save this eKey image to photo folder/gallery located on your phone. Do not save this image to a cloud or internet-based folder.
  • Check the image has been saved to photo gallery. Once you have confirmed this image has been saved then follow the Installation procedure.
If you do not want or cannot send a key over MMS, follow this procedure to use an alternative app:
  • Tap the top-right icon on your Verroo lock in the list (you don’t need to be in range) and select the “User” tab, then select “New User”.
  • Enter the recipient name and number, into the Name and enter an incorrect number in Mobile Number fields (eg 1234).
  • Complete the normal procedure for sending the “eKey”.
  • Once this eKey has been sent, open your Message App .
  • Open the message sent to the phone number you have typed on the second step (“1234” in our example) and you will see your “eKey”
  • Tap the “eKey” image, then select the Action Button ()
  • Select the preferred mode of transfer you wish to use. Email, Skype, WhatsApp etc.
  • Once you have selected your preferred transferred mode, follow the appropriate procedure to transfer your “eKey”.

If you problem is still unsolved, please submit a support request. You can also contact us on +61 3 9869 3288 and choose option 2 for support.