Sometimes, someone may factory reset a lock (for instance, because they had the only administrator key and lost their phone).
While this is a perfectly legitimate operation, at Verroo, we take security at heart.

Someone could also use a device specifically programmed to imitate your lock and pretend it has been factory reset, with the hope of getting you to think something went wrong and to delete your own key.

If you have come across error ILL600/ALL600, and you are in range of the lock, it is most likely that the lock you have a key for has effectively been factory reset, by a family member or a coworker. If you are not normally an owner of this lock, you should contact one and let them know the lock is “fresh”. If you are normally one, then you can activate the lock on your phone and you will become the new owner. To do so, you can simply choose “Delete key” and proceed with activating the lock. Beware: you will need the lock’s QR code.

If you have come across that error but you know you are not in range of the lock, for instance this is your home lock and you are at work, then it is likely someone is trying to prank you or is trying to attack you.

If you are one or the only owner/administrator of the lock, the if you have not factory reset the lock yourself, your lock should not be fresh. It might be that someone ill-intentioned got access to your premises and performed the factory reset. It might also be that someone has crafted a device that replicates your lock. You should first move as close as possible to your lock, then restart the app and see if your lock is displayed as “Fresh”. If it still is, first, use “Try connecting”. If your lock successfully connects, it’s a good sign, but it is still likely someone is trying to attack or prank you. If it doesn’t connect, try another few times. If still fails, you can use “Go to settings”, then delete your key and try activating the lock again. Beware: you will need the lock’s QR code.

If the lock has really been factory reset, it will have lost any existing key.