Verroo Achieves Global Patent on Smart Core

Verroo achieves global patent on smart core.

Verroo is pleased to announce the release of the worlds first fire rated, 3v Smart Strike. The 3900 is a stainless steel bodied smart strike that has recently been independently fire rated by Warrington. 

Ideal for apartments and offices in high rise buildings, the 3900 provides advanced access control functionality without the need to invest in a conventional access controller, card reader with all the associated costs.  

Send temporary keys to visitors and tradies.

Although common knowledge it’s worthwhile to focus on how K-12 schools, especially universities, consist of a set of interconnected physical environments. These include classrooms, athletic facilities, common areas, dining areas, libraries and dormitories. Overlaying these physical spaces is a parallel set of virtual environments, such as library management systems, laboratory equipment checkout software, laundry payment systems and many others.

For years, these physical and virtual environments operated more or less in silos, particularly regarding security and access control. A student might have a key for her dorm room, an ID badge to let her sign a book out of the library, a stored value card for doing the laundry and so forth. This is starting to change.
Security and access control in educational institutions is now converging. The people who manage these different areas of campus life are interested in bringing the silos under a unified access control mechanism. Some want this convergence. Others feel pressure to make it happen due to budget pressures and demands from students and other stakeholders.