What’s new in v2.00

25 November 2021

We are glad to announce version 2.00 of our Verroo app! It includes a bunch of fixes and improvements, some of which drastically alter the way the app behaves. Please read below for the main one, called “Quick Unlock”.

Quick Unlock

Unlocking, the natural way

Quick Unlock is the new way to unlock your locks. Not only is it drastically faster (down to 1.25s to unlock!), it is also easier to use. From now on, when you tap anywhere but on the top right of a lock in your lock list, this will trigger quick unlock. A message will inform you of the progress and offer you to cancel at any time, or to relock immediately once the lock will have unlocked.

Accessing your settings

Due to the addition of Quick Unlock, the way to access your lock settings has changed. When not in range, tapping anywhere on the lock in your lock list will still go to the lock control page. However, when in range, tapping anywhere but on the top right corner (where you see the cogwheel icon) will trigger Quick Unlock. If you don’t want to unlock but actually want to access the lock control page, you will now have to tap on that cogwheel icon.

Voice control

When using an iPhone, you can now use Siri to unlock your devices, and when an Android phone, you can use Google Assistant! To do so, you need a key with “Voice Control” permission, and you will need to choose “Voice Control” in Manual mode.

Expert settings

Some expert settings have made their may into our app. Do no change them unless you know what you are doing (that is, unless your installer or our team has instructed you to do so).

Easier eKey exchange

You can now send eKeys in a variety of ways. If you want to give an eKey to someone nearby, try the “on screen” transfer. It’s easy and instantaneous when emails or MMSes can sometime take very long to arrive.

When sending an MMS, or receiving one, they now include an easy link. No need to save the eKey image anymore, just tap the link to set up your new eKey!

Other changes

Here’s a list of some other changes: